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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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no verdict in the trial. jurors break after another long day of deliberations. >> first. members of congress under attack. a gunman opened fire on republican lawmakers as they played baseball. tonight how the wounded are doing and the new details emerging >> i'm jessica dean >> i'm natasha brown, ukee is off. president trump and the first lady visited louisiana steve scalise in the hospital. ness critical condition and three other people were wounded. police shot and killed the gunman, james hodgkinson of illinois >> we know authorities are investigating whether the shooter was politically motivated. tonight, the fbi not revealing a motive for the shooting, but
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agents are asking the public for help in their investigation. rapid gunfire pierced the air at a congressional republican baseball practice in alexandria virginia. when it stopped, four people had been hit including house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana who was shot in the hip playing second base >> he dragged him after being shot from near second bates about ten be 15 yards into the field >> congressman roger wheels twisted his ankle ducking for cover. he credits capitol police assigned to the security detail for containing the damage. >> there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. >> president trump visited congressman scalise in the hospital. the gunman 66-year-old james hodgkinson of illinois was shot and died of his injuries. authorities are investigating his motives. but hodgkinson posted anti-gop sentiments on social media. investigators believe he may have been in alexandria since march. >> we believe that the shooter
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has been living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of east monroe >> democrats practicing at a nearby field stopped and prayed when they heard what happened. the shooting brought lawmakers so often bitterly divided together. >> we're united not as republicans and democrats but as united states representatives >> the bipartisan charity baseball game has been played for 100 year, each time tied at 39 wins a piece. >> and one congressman says he believes he encountered the gunman in a parking lot before the shooting. he says the suspect asked him who was practicing republicans or democrats? authorities later searched james hodgkinson's van and illinois home. suspect left behind a trail of bitter ness on facebook directed at the rich, republicans and the president. he volunteered for the bernie sanders presidential campaign in
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2006. he was arrested for punching a woman in the face. so far, investigators have found no connection to terror groups. tonight, there are concerns about thousand keep lawmakers safe when they're in washington and when they return home to meet with the constituents, alexandria hoff spoke with members of our local congressional delegates. >> reporter: ryan costello typically car pools to baseball practice at 6:02 a.m. he realized he missrd his ride >> never before have i been suit you wanted and not been able to hitch a ride >> he said team reader and majority whip steve scalise from louisiana would have given him heat. instead around 7:00 a.m. he was shot. his own two person security detail responsible for firing back and sending off the shooter >> because steve scalise is member of sleeper. he has a security detail.
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otherwise we would be a bunch of guys out practicing >> elect officials say threats are part of life. a states person for pens pat toomey said like many others in congress, he has been the target of threats, in cases where they're deemed serious they're reporte reported. >> there has probably never been anyone who at point received death terroristic threats. >> he add that day being accessible to the public and constituents will also be a priority of the job. as for increased security, congressman bob brady feels the cost burden would simply be unrealistic. >> i don't think there's anything we can do to stop an incident. there's been talk about having
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men and women be protected 24/7, that cost is astronomical. that can't happen. >> reporter: using key words, i did a twitter search and found at least a dozen threats made against elected officials. alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." of course, stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge in the alexandria virginia shooting. we'll bring you updates on television and on line, a new report from the "washington post" said the special counsel investigating russia's is also investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. he will reportedly be interviewing three top intelligence officials. mueller met with leaders of the senate intelligence committee, no word on what topics were discussed. the jury in bill cosby's sexual assault trial will
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reconvene tomorrow to once again try and reach a verdict. day three of deliberations wrapped up with no decision, greg argos is live in norristown with more. greg? >> reporter: jessica, we're talking more than a fuel day of deliberations some 28 hours the jury asking some six questions so far, but still tonight, no verdict. bill cosby's fate is still in limbo. the jury and his aggravated sexual assault trial still deliberating. passing the 24-hour mark and finishing the second full day behind closed doors. >> brian, 24 hours of deliberations what do you think about this? >> obviously, everybody is working really hard, we're exhausted and going to go home and get rest >> they're retrying the case in the jury room >> the comedian spokesperson said cosby passed the time napping and recalling past performances. in the conference room given to the defense, cosby dubbed it his dressing room >> wonder stories about the old
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days, and you know, him being on stage >> so far, the seven men and five women from allegheny county asked can the court six questions, around 4:30 wednesday, they wanted to review detective richard schaeffer's testimony, that testimony focused on the cheltenham detectives initial conversation with cosby after former temple basketball coach andrea constand told police she was sexual assaulted by the 79-year-old comedian in 2004. >> so much information. putting the pieces together to the puzzle. trying to morally get it right >> while he believes long deliberation is a positive for the defense, attorney gloria allred said it's never a good idea to guess what a jury may be thinking >> i can't predict whether it's good for the defense or prosecution. it's reading tea leaves. >> reporter: bill cosby did not say
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montgomery county courthouse this evening. to be bussed back here to the montgomeryy 're told they will y to the jury deliberation debat. we're live here in cbs "eyewitn 12 people meantime are confirmed dead in this massive first showed you last night on t number to rise. was still residents were -stor asleep when the blaze started and had very little time to get others talked children out of windows to from the smoke and am they wanted soe save my children. >> the cause of this fire does
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remain under investigation. a lot of people meantime are wonder, if a fire like that could happen in one of the many high-rises in philadelphia. according to the accident philadelphia fire code, all high-rises in the city must have automatic fire extinguishing systems like sprinklers, the only exception is for residential buildings built before december of 1991. ups employee opened fire inside a package delivery center in san francisco. killing three people and then taking his own life. a ups spokesman said the employee started shooting before drivers were sense out to do their daily delivery, three killed, two people were shot and did survive. there's no word on the identifies of those killed or the gunman at this point. the driver of a car is in critical condition after it slammed head-on into a senior center bus. that crash happened in christiana delaware this afternoon. four seniors on that bus and the
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driver injured, members of the senior center, one person injured was in the 90's. police identified the man who died in yesterday's crash at 16th and jfk in center city. two vehicles collided causing one of them to leave the road. that vehicle slammed into a newsstand. that newsstand then moved and hit two pedestrians. police say peter >> esikis died, the 76 was an advocate for better transportation solutions. a worker inside the newsstand was also injured a pennsylvania court uphold philadelphia's tax on sweetened beverages. of they agreed that city council had full legal authority to enact the one and a half cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. in the meantime. the city lowered its revenue projections on the tax. the city now expects it will fall short of $46.2 million the tax was supposed to generate.
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new jersey judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by lawmakers trying to stop govern chris christie $300 million state house renovation. a bipartisan said the project lacked authority. the govern said it was needed and was authorized legally and properly. facebook soon be scheduling our soecial lives >> ahead at 11:00. the water looked beautiful but authorities say be where. the dangerous that lurk at quarries in our region and why officials want to get the warning out now. after three days of extreme heat -- a break today and a beautiful cooler night. but the break won't last. steamy conditions return forgot the upcoming westbound and let you know when high temperatures approach 90 and full eyewitness forecast coming up american airlines reversing
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swimming is prohibited along with alcohol. >> back here as family having a good time, it's fine. >> ultimate goal is to keep people from drowning >> safety precautions and an assist from police, our cleve bryan today, showed how the very
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gradual slope in most quarries were quickly automotive off putting swimmers in over their heads fast. authorities say experienced swimmers aren't immune. several area schools are on a new list of safety colleges in america for 2017, the university of delaware is ranked 26 and rowan 38. the national council for home safety and security used fbi crime statistics to compute its ranking. other schools, monday clare university ranked eight, west chester 28, and rutgers university 59th. >> there's a small victory for air traveler, the airline ditched its plan to make passengers feel even more cramped. american wanted to shrink the leg room in planes that would have created some of the tightest coach seats, but it backtracked after hearing from a lot of frustrated customers. facebook announced today that researchers are teaching chat box to carry out
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negotiations. for example, you could have a scheduled lunch date or, facebook said overtime they expected botts to learn and anticipate how conversations may progress. but the company says users shouldn't expect it to surface on the platform any time soon. one of philadelphia's most popular spots is back open? the iconic rocky statue opened today. those two weeks visitors were not able to snap pictures with the sculpture but it is now back to business as usual. there is a new resident at the cape may county sue, z ippy and hank are now the proud parents. the zoo said the calf was born june 5 and doing quite well. a name has not been released. >> little cutey, >> adorable >> lauren casey is joining us as
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things get comfortable in the area. >> what a day today. we had thunderstorms this morning, sunshine broke out. it was steamy, now it's less humid, just kind of something for everyone in today's forecast. it's much more comfortable this evening. thanks to that cold front that came through early in the day and cut our temperatures down after that high of 96 degrees yesterday. we topped at 85, still warm but much closer to average. and much more bearable. it was a warm start to the day at 75 starting off about 11 degrees above average. but we did have early morning showers and thunderstorms activity maybe a few rumble of thunder woke you up. in new castle we picked up about eight 10th of a rain, burlington four tens of an inch. from those morning thunderstorms, but now all is quiet as we get a live look at center city philadelphia and all feels so much more comfortable.
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our temperature right now, 70 degrees. we had this cooler and drier air building in from the north and east. 68 in trenton, 62 in atlantic city middle 70s in lehigh valley and berks, but the cooler drier air is moving in as we speak. due points will continue to drop off, due points tell us how sticky it feels and these have dropped off significantly over the last 24 hours, feels so much more pleasant when you step and overnight great sleeping weather, partly cloudy and cooler falling back to 62 degrees after several nights of only falling back into the low 70's. for tomorrow, a nice day in store, sunshine to start and late day clouds, still comfortable and the high temperature running few degrees approach at 80. humidity levels will start to creep back up as we head into the end of the week due to a installed frontal boundary getting steamy by late day friday and then some oppressive humidity levels as we head into the upcoming weekend. stormscan 3 showing us quiet
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conditions right now on the back side of this cold front that is keeping all of the active weather at bay off to our south and west, stormy day across parts of virginia and west r west virginia also parts of maryland as well, but we're going to be dealing way installed frontal boundary as we head into friday. passing showers an few rumble of thunder as we head into the this weekend rounds of spotty showers thunderstorms, we'll see sunshine at times, keep an eye to the sky, have the backup plan for the outdoor plan, monday will be the best chance for wet weather due to a strong cold front pushing through and clearing things out. periods of heavy rain and possibly stronger thunderstorms, stay tuned. in your shore cast. watching out for spotty thunderstorms, warm and humidity by the end of the week, 82 along the copy of the. next several days we'll warm things up to near 90 by sunday. steamy conditions and then our best rain chance is on monday.
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with that stronger cold front, and then on the back side of that system we start to clear things out again humidity levels drop off once again by tuesday of next week. >> i'm welcoming this cool-down. thank you, appreciate. >> lesley is up next with sports >> news for the flyers, reportedly done with the goal tender. and the fight that everyone wants to see is going to happen, the eagles locked up the tackle for rest of the career, hear what coach doug pederson has to say about keeping jason peters in sports.
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jason peters said he wants
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to retire as an eagles and the teep should rework the contraam. for 32.5 million, he will now be able to retire as an eagles and doug pederson says it send a great message >> it says a lot that he wants to finish out his career and retire an eagles. i think it's important and a great message to send. you know, that you continue to work hard and do right, you will be rewarded. and that's the name of the game. you know, you -- as jason done his career, worked extremely hard. >> the phillies hosting the red sox. the phils lost both games in extra innings, they're trying to snap a seven-game losing streak, phillies down 2-0, doubles to deep left field, he'll come around to score and the socks take a 3-0 lead.
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third phillies down 5-1, aaron altherr, the phillies able to cut it to two-run lead. defensive play of the game and belongs to altherr, he goes running to the wall and right field and makes this great catch up against the wall. then turns, fires to first to have the double play unfortunately the phillies lose eighth in a row. 7-3 the final. eight days away from the nab draft and the sixers took care of one of those question marks. exercise their team option on robert covington, he'll be back. and appears steve mason's time with the flyers is likely done, the goal tender at that agent said they've had discussions with the team but no formal contract negotiations. if the deal is not reached by july 1st, he'll become an unrestricted free agent. >> seems like they've been negotiating this for awhile. may weather and conner mcgregor is on.
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boxing and super stars will be a boxing match and that will happen in las vegas august 26. lot of buzz around that >> should be interesting >> for sure. >> thank you, les
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into the afternoon hours, better chance will be sunday but we will see sunshine a bit
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. it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown, always on >> thanks so much for watching have great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes trevor noah. ilana glazer. and sam richardson. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey, how are you! hey, good to see you, chris! ( cheers and applause ) thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. e


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